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Time for an update.

* Apelete have created loads of patches to get muffinman building on Openembedded again. Expect to see a fresh built userland shortly.

* Our sister site http://www.kernelarchive.com is almost ready for prime time. Its an site that will contain working configs and kernels for every possible machine in existence. Feel free to start uploading your best configs for your linux machine.

13/07/2012 11:14 · Kristoffer Ericson

Weekly update

The site and its member are currently very very active and we on the dev team are extremely happy about this. Shows that its still alot of handhelds out there that want to be linuxfied.

* We have started to build new repositories for both j7xx and j6xx. More to come on that later on.

* Rafael and Kristianpaul are doing a project where they are trying to replace the romchip on the jornada romboard (j7xx) with an flashrom. If this works then we will have a cheap way of making our jornadas windows CE free. You will all be kept informed of this.

* Site is getting upgraded with new graphics, hope you all like it.

* Those of you with Psion notebooks, go over to the download section and grab yourself a copy.

* We are trying to get v3.3 going on our handhelds, will keep you posted.

14/04/2012 12:30 · Kristoffer Ericson

News Update!

Well I think its time for a news update.

As many of you have noticed our linux-hpc.git kernel repository is currently unavailable and has been like that for a couple of months. The reason for this is simply the kernel.org hacking that occured in september. Im currently in the process of restoring it, so with any luck it should be up within a couple of days. Then starts the work to sync it with the latest and greatest.

We are planning to support the coming Raspberry Pi board, which is an extremely nice piece of hardware. Its the size of a credit card but packs enough power to enable us to have alot of fun with it (100% unix machine, games/emulators, servers). Oh, and the price tag for it is only $25 (ver A) /$35 (ver B). Its not yet released, but we are already working on userlands. You can find more information on the documentation section and/or forum (and their official page link). Since we are keeping an shrek inspired naming scheme, this project will be named “Artie”. More information to come when its released.

Its always good to point out that all developers hang out at #jlime on freenode (we also got a mailinglist). So feel welcome to join us there!

10th December 2011
Both linux-hpc and linux-gma500 are again available on kernel.org.
30/11/2011 22:43 · Kristoffer Ericson

News Update

Well, its been awhile since the last update. Here comes some random bits that might interest people.

* Support for Netbook Pro is going well with Muriani doing impressive work. From what we gather it works pretty well currently. We are planning to add the relevant files to the download section for easy access. * We are planning to build a kernel for the j7xx based on the new 3.x kernels. Let you know once its ready. * Various userland projects are blooming up with people wanting to get their hands on the latest and greatest. As always we will move the interesting ones into the download section. * New wallpaper/backgrounds are going to get added to the download section.


24/04/2011 22:35 · Kristoffer Ericson

Hosting and Mailing Lists

We have completed moving from a traditional hosting scheme to a VPS service (still on Surftown, though)! This should make stuff like git servers and other stuff possible.

We also consolidated our mailing lists into one address. However, we were unable to migrate our mailing lists, so subscriptions have to renewed. Please follow these instructions.

You're welcome.

16/02/2011 23:29 · Alex Ferguson

About Jlime

Jlime is an Linux distribution for the HP Jornada, NEC Mobilepro 900c, Psion Mobilepro and Qi-Hardware Ben Nanonote embedded devices. Jlime aims to provide an actively maintained distribution which can be used to transform your embedded device into either an enhanced PDA or a mini-laptop. As with all Linux code, JLime is open source and free to use.

To get started please visit the downloads page and browse the documentation wiki. For additional support please post a message onto the forum or visit #jlime on irc.freenode.net. We can also reach the developers through the mailing lists.

If you are experiencing any bugs or lack any feature. Please submit a report to our bugtracker.

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